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    registered domain not on whois

    How long after registering a domain name will it appear on a whois search? I just recently purchased a domain registration and it is still listed as available on a domain search. What would happen if someone else tries to register it before it hits the database?

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    If you registered it before it hits the database, another person still won't be able to register it.

    It usually takes 12-24 hours to show up

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    Thank you!!

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    noone else will be able to register the domain as long as you are sure it has been registered.

    It wont show up on a whois search for roughly 1-6 hours and in some cases can be longer.

    Trying to register the domain will show an error if anyone else tries, you should be fine

    Hope this helps

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    Did you spell your domain name correctly when checking who's who? For domain registration -- depending upon who you register with -- as soon as you complete the registration process it should automatically show up on who's who. For instance, will send you a confirmation email with a who's who link to verify that your domain name has being registered.

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    Also depends where you registered it. Maybe the site you used doesnt do "real time" registration!
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    Indeed, for example Hostway took about 3 days to register one of mine.
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    *generally* it'll show in their whois almost immeditaly and on 3rd party systems after upto 6 hours.

    if it's not showing up and you're *worried* that it's not registered ...
    1. *DONT* tell anyone or advertise it until you're sure it's yours
    2. contact your registration agent's support department
    3. try registering it again somehwer else
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    1-72 hours
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