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    * Banner Design Blowout!

    Arctic Web Design is currently offering a special banner blowout, in which you can get static or animated banners (any size) for $9.99 each, or 5 banners for $39.99.

    We have extensive experience creating ads in all different shapes and sizes for many different types of businesses. You can view our portfolio at

    In addition, we have previously won an open banner contest here on WebHostingTalk that ran for a week for Web Hosting Sources - you can check that out at

    Our work is HIGH QUALITY! These are professionally designed in order to be effective and load quickly. Again, please take a look at our portfolio - on WHT, people sell banners for outrageously low prices, but we belive that the amount of work that goes into creating effective, high quality banners like we do should be respected by charging what we do (these are large discounts on our regular prices).

    Offer details:

    Banner Design

    *Each individual banner - $9.99
    *5 or more banners are $7.99 each
    *Banners can be any size - 468x60, 120x60, 88x31, 234x60, etc.
    *Your choice of static or animated

    *Turnaround time- 24 hours
    Please note: we'd appreciate it if you could send all necessary files and instructions ASAP so we can meet this turnaround time. We ran a similar promotion in January and were unsuccessful, because we often did not have enough information to begin work until a few days after receiving the first request, or the file formats sent to us were incompatible, etc. We didn't handle this well, and I apologize for that to anyone who wanted to get banners during that promotion and couldn't (we were overwhelmed with interest).

    *Revisions- I will contact you and send you a link to view the banners after I have created them. You can then make any neccessary revisions and I will create a final version and after your approval, I will send you the files.

    *Payment- please contact me for payment information, I'm very flexible.

    *Limited time offer! Prices good through the end of the week.

    Arctic Web Design's Story
    Just to quickly tell a little bit about us: I founded Arctic Web Design 5 years ago...when I was 10 years old. At that point, I was the youngest licensed business owner in Connecticut, and have since designed over two dozen web sites for universities, businesses and organizations and have been featured on an ABC affiliate TV station and in a half dozen newspapers and trade publications. I'm now a high school sophomore and my business is still going strong.


    Please contact us via email, PM, AIM (Arctic Web Design), or by posting here.

    Thank you for your time!

    Tom Kaplan
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