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    Angry my "domain" being used to send spam

    Some wisecracker is sending spam and using my domain name as the return email address.

    It is *not* coming from me or my servers.

    Any ideas to put this to a stop.

    I traced the IP address and it appears to be coming from Korea and some others coming from an ISP in the US.

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    The only thing you could do is to complain to their ISPs providing them with the full header but beyond that there is nothing you can do on your machine to prevent it from happening since it does not originates from your machine. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Thanks eddy2099.

    I also found the following thread helpful:

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    Also if your a ISP/Webhost I would register your IP's and Domains with blacklists that way they know your a provider and extend you the courtesy of not blacklisting you for someone else's spam.

    Also write up and nice response message to send to anyone who complains explaing that the source of spam is from outside of your network and that you have notified the proper authorities (ie: their ISP or Law Enforcement)

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