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    Question ServInt VPS performance? and support?

    I am considering using Servint VPS to host a site that I currently help oversee. The site currently delivers about 30 gigs per month, is programmed in JSP, and has a low-moderate level of mySQL interaction. I expect site traffic to multiply (gradually) over the next couple of years, and to experience some pretty significant traffic spikes along the way.

    For current or former Servint VPS customers, I would really appreciate your input on the following questions:

    --What kind of uptime can I expect? What kind of uptime have you experienced? Has their network been reliable? How about the VPSes?

    --How comprehensive is the support? If I sent an e-mail requesting an install of phpMyAdmin, for example, would they take care of it quickly and without hesitation? How about initial configuration of the server software? If I wanted them to do all of it, would they?

    --What sort of Control Panel comes with the VPS, if any? How is it? What CP do you use with your VPS?

    --If my website were linked by the Drudge Report or something similar, what would happen? What sort of burstability should I expect? Have you experienced any slowdowns when pushing the load on your VPS?

    I will be contacting Servint directly with questions, of course, but I would really appreciate input from current/former customers.


    (Please feel free to PM me if you'd prefer to comment in private.)
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    When I was with them earlier last year, uptime was pretty much 100% or so. Yes, the network is pretty reliable.

    I am not sure about requesting for phpMyAdmin since it is not part of the standard install. You could however install it yourself. If you however opt for Cpanel, phpMyAdmin is already part of the Cpanel/WHM install.

    As for Control Panel, check out
    you can have no control panel, Cpanel/WHM or Plesk. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    I think you can have either Cpanel or Plesk eddy...There is no monthly fee increase for either CP but there is a small set up cost.

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