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    ASP problem with Windows 2003 server


    I am having a really weird asp problem in windows 2003 server:

    Here is the problem:

    when I restart IIS, ASP runs fine, the websites load up fast etc...., after an hour or two or so, the websites using ASP run VERY VERY slow and sometimes do not even respond. Then I restart IIS and everything works again just fine...but I dont want to do that all the time, it doesnt make any sense, do you know what it can be that is slowing down the asp all the time???

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    Did you happen to see what forum you posted this in?

    Running a Web Hosting Business
    Non-technical aspects of running a web hosting company. Topics include management, accounting, problem customers, taxes, support options etc.

    And you double posted. Both here and in Technical & Security Issues.

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    ok sorry, I will check it our in the technical part

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