GameBay Productions are looking for volunteer C++ programmers to work on our upcoming MMORPG "Era Online: Return of Menath".

Our isometric art is building up as we speak but we need programmers to start the magic

What will I get in return?
This is a frequent question I get from people. Well the game is going to be pay to play and the developers will get a cut of the money every month. Other than that, a big grin from us everyday and respect.

Is this another "poop" project?
I haven't spent month's and month's of my life planning a project that's going down the drain, believe me if I thought this was another "poop" project I'd quit now. We have already been featured on Stratics.com and we have the perfect management team

Ok, I'm interested, tell me more?
EO: Return of Menath is a isometric MMORPG. It's been in planning since Novemember last year and major reviewing site's such as Stratics have taken interest. We need volunteer C++ programmers to start making the magic happen.

What "type" of people are you accepting?
All that we ask is that you act professional and mature. You must be able to work in a team!

Ok, you've got me interested, what do I do?
E-mail us: [email protected] with details about your self! If you require, at the end of the project we can send you a reference so your future employers will see that you have worked on a MMORPG.

I would like to say thank you for reading this

GameBay Productions.