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    Windows Licenses

    Im not sure if this is the right forum - but i was wondereing where the best place to get windows server 2003 standard licenses was. I would be looking for 1 to start, maybey more.

    I found that ebay sold them for very cheap, is this a good idea? is there anything i should look for to make sure im getting what i need?

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    Don't bother with ebay, you will never know if you are getting a real license or what which is fake. They may be offering OEM license which would work but you might not legally be able to run them or pirated materials especially when it has a too-good-to-be-true prices.

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    so you wouldnt recommend just picking up some of the $400-500 ebay ones listed here:

    It seems there must be some level of honesty in people to not list a fake license on there.

    Can you explain OEM licenses a bit more also?


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    OEM licenses are offered to computer manufacturers and are distributed exclusively with the new hardware. You cannot officially buy an OEM license of Windows and install it without buying a new computer to install it. It will work but it is not legal to do so. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    You should either start a business account with companies like CDW or buy the license with the server (OEM). Dell offers very good deals that way.
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    It just seems like the licenses on ebay are much cheaper and would work just as well ...

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    If i have a 2 proc machine do i need a different windows license?

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    there is a lot of crap on ebay that is cheap. If you believe you are getting the real thing when shopping on ebay - then I have some land in FL to sell you...if you care about doing things the proper(legal) way then just go to an authorized vendor.
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    When messing with Window's licenses I would alway advise you buy from a authorized dealer Especially if you plan to use them on servers. Windows can pull a license and if they do you will not have an os on your servers until you purchase another one. Better safe than sorry I would say.

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    Microsoft's website has a section that explain everything about those different licenses.

    Like the other's said already, you probably shouldn't buy them off ebay.

    I believe microsoft sells licenses themselves, maybe you should check their website.

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    Just took this from the MS website.

    OEM stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer'. OEM licences are supplied with software that an OEM partner pre-installs on a computer. The licence for an operating system (Windows®) is for use only on the computer system on which the software was pre-installed, and it lives and dies with the original PC. An OEM Operating System licence can never be transferred to another PC.
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    You can buy OEM versions from a offical supplier (trade only normally) when buying hardware to build the system it will be installed on.

    So if you are building your own servers or buying new then OEM is OK but buying OEM off Ebay would not be within MS's license.

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