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    Question Anyone knows why WHM stopped sending email?

    Before today, WHM sends an email to the customer as follows:

    | New Account Info |
    | Domain:
    | Ip: nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn (n)
    | HasCgi: y
    | UserName: myuser
    | PassWord: mypass
    | CpanelMod: rvlightgreen
    | HomeRoot: /home
    | Quota: 300 Meg
    | NameServer: ns1.mynameserver.cp,
    | Contact Email: [email protected]

    But it suddenly stopped sending yesterday. Anyone knows why? Or how to fix it?

    Please don't reply about the merits of having a custom email notificaiton. I'll be using WHMAP so it won't be a problem for me. The problem is for my resellers who may or may not have WHMAP.

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    Doesnt WHM use sendmail to send these generate e-mails? And if so i would check to see if sendmail is properly functioning. I also reccomend checking to make sure all dns records are set properly.

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    Root still gets the email notice but the reseller doesn't. I think I'll go check on the DNS aspect. It could be it. Thanks.

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