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    Non-Profit LAN Party Group looking for Site Design

    Hello everyone! I have started a local LAN party organization, and we need a simple site designed for us. If anyone is looking to expand their portfolio designing a site for a nonprofit, we'd love to include your link at the bottom of each page.

    The site is very simple, maybe four or five pages: one for the events, organization information, pictures (along with a random picture displayed on the main page), and, of course, the main index/news page. The news feature should allow me to easily submit news and other updates about the group. We also need a system to allow gamers to register for the different events and the system will just add their information into a file or database as well as one of the pages so people can see who else is registered. We're non-proft, and charge local gamers $5 to come play at our LAN parties. The entrance fee goes to building rental and power.

    If possible, I'd like the code to be easibly maintainable so that I can add sponsor logos.

    We already have hosting at DreamHost and a domain name registered. Again, we can't offer any monetary goods, but we will place your link on the bottom of each page.

    If anyone is interested, please e-mail me, PM me, or leave a reply here. Thanks and have a good day!
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