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    Hi Guys,

    Heres the site:
    I've been working on this site for a bit with a friend, and we've made it quite nice already. We programmed a very simple PHP/MySQL backend that allows you to add/delete games in the action, sports, and puzzle as well as the Top Games section easily and quickly.

    It was made to be a low maintenance, high traffic optimized cash cow. If you decide to purchase, you will get the domain name, design, the few pages with games on it and the PHP/MySQL backend.

    An idea we had was for people to submit games via contact form, and you can add them quickly and easily. You could also pay a kid $5 to add all the games he knew of The site at this time has no traffic, but traffic and backlinks are typically easy to build with game sites.

    Interested? Offers of only $100 and up please. PM me with offers, questions, anything. Thanks!

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    current bid: $120 by '4 degrees'.

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    do you have any stats?

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    As stated above the site currently does not have any traffic.

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    All it is a minclip affiliate.

    In a Mysql backend, you mean it has a Admin Panel for adding games to the database? Or you have to use phpmyadmin?

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    m_gersitz... It is NOT a miniclip affiliate.

    It is a game link site, just like coffeebreakarcade or

    It has an admin panel for you to add games to the db, so you dont need to upload anything when adding games.

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