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    [Request] Header + Icons

    I am needing to contract a graphic designer to create a nice header plus some icons for my company site. You must be able to use our logo in the header which is in .ai format that I have been able to open fine in PSP.

    Header - Something simple yet professional. Doesn't have to include flash elements, but it does need to incorporate 3 things:

    • Hosting
    • Networking
    • PC Support

    Icons - Need 6 icons for each shared hosting package plus 2 additional icons for "cpanel login" and "company news".

    • Budget
    • Apprentice
    • Professional
    • Master
    • Corporate
    • Enterprise

    The icons for the hosting should build as the packages get more advanced.

    Payment - $60 USD via PayPAL

    Please post or pm me your portfolio. Thank you for your time.

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    Interested. My portfolio is at:
    www dot moljac dot hr
    or first address in sig

    Contact me by email.

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