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    For all Resellers out there - Questions

    Hello, this is my first post on WHT but have been on the forums for some time now. Excuse me if this topic is in the wrong place.

    I want to get a reseller account but first of all I want to see how other people are currently doing in the web hosting world. So my question(s) to you guys are:

    How many clients do you currently have (being resellers) and also, if being a reseller myself can be a profitable experience for me (not only revenue based)? Thank you for your support and glad to be in this community.

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    I highly doubt someone will respond with an answer to your question of how many clients they have. But, for your other question, reselling web space is a good way to make some money online.

    But if your serious about web hosting, you will need to start by building a foundation. Go around your town, offer your service to some small businesses. Once you have some clients, you are ready to start adding on.

    Now you need software. Check out automated billing software and other things like live help. Your clients will need support and reliability, so make sure your host offers this also.

    This is suppose to be a huge response with detailed advice, but I made it smaller... Got a few things to do lol.



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    Hello phyko,

    Welcome aboard.

    About your second question, this depends on if you are doing webhosting as part time, or full time.

    If you have a job already, then you can probably resell to your friends/family and make a profit to pay a bill or two.

    If you are running it as a business, then you probably need to research more about this before you jump in. Do a search to read past discussion about this.

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    Thank you for all the replies. Sorry about the first question, what I meant was, as resellers, is it possible to get a good client base.

    But I will look for more information about web hosting. At this time I cannot make this a full time job but do have a few friends that can help with support which might be of help in the long run. Thanks again.

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    Welcome phyko,

    Unlike everyone else I will actually answer your post fully. Even though I do have 2 servers with a partner I can only give you and idea of what it would take.

    It takes a lot of time, effort, money, and planning.
    In 4 months my partner and I have reached a client base of 24 non over selling space or bandwidth with a green profit margin.

    Besides the money aspect of hosting, you gain a lot from just meeting people. I have talked to everyone in the 50 states, Parts of Canada and Europe, south american countries, and a few people from in other various parts of the world.

    You have the challange of being a business owner / operatior and a community leader. You will be creating a community, and it ill be your job to run it.

    Much money can be made, but you have to think and plan correctly. Otherwise you will end up thinking of another way to make money

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    If you plan your business properly, have good funding and the right skills (technical and customer service), you can be successful. Just don't rush to start a business. Be persistent and informed. Read through this forum and learn.

    Start with a business plan and business analysis. Get a reseller account and work with it for a while to get a feeling for the whole thing. Update your technical skills to get a good understanding of what is required.
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    Move slow and take it step by step

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    Hello phyko,

    There are many people reselling most if not all are probably making money to some degree, it is very time consuming but the rewards are there.

    The more you care about clients the more you will probably make.

    As FatalSw1tch said 4 months and its profit, if someone can do that why can't you
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    Hey phyko. First things first, your post is in the right place (I think?! hehe) Yeah, as CPQIS said, with your first question you may not get much more response than FatalSw1tch; as with any business.

    To be sucessful you need t think about alot of things when first setting off. But, you are doing to right thing asking questions first and researching the industry before jumping into things head first.

    You need to find yourself a good reseller, someone who has a good reputation and provide you with a good service. If you don't know too much about hosting, this would be a great help because in most cases, if you succeed, they succeed.

    Once you have a good reselling company, you should signup for one of their smallest plans, although you should make sure that you are able to expand without the additions being over the rate for sometimes you find bandwidth/space more expensive and there may be setup fees for services you may be able to get cheaper if you signup for them at the beggining. All I am saying is shop around for the best deal. And always test support by sending them and e-mail with a question about their services before signing up for their services. Good companies can be found all over WHT.

    If you cannot provide alot of support, then many people will advise you to not start. But if you can find help with friends etc. (as you mention) then this could be a big help as you could create some kind of rota maybe?! Good support and great services gives you a good reputation, which is a key factor in being a success.

    Another factor to consider is advertising. The industry is getting bigger and bigger all the time, if you don't advertise, you won't be found (ever heard the expression "kneedle in a hay stack"?).

    You seem to be starting in the right place. Keep on going. But as everyone says, it takes time, money and effort to be a success.

    As CPQIS also said, you should start looking locally for some custom. This will be helpful if they suggest your services to others.

    If you start off too small with little to no budget, then you will most likely stay that way. You do need to plumb some money in your ideas to be a success.

    Many resellers will not have more than 100 clients if this much at all. After this, many move onto dedicated servers as they can afford to and they have more experience in the industry.

    Just my 2 cents; hope this helps.

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