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    Question on mailinglist managers

    I have a client with list of about 4000 for the specials. Right now they do it in outlook with a big contacts folder. And they do the subscriptions, and removals by hand. Mailman is provided on the server, and have looked for some tutorials on it, but haven't found any. is it possible to use mail man for the purpose of announce only. Ideally they'd want to be able to compose one email in HTML and than send it to [email protected] have all the recipients get it, bounced mails would be removed automatically, and the subscribers would have web access to remove themselves(or they could respond with remove in the subject). Is mailman capable of this, or anyother recomendations?

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    12all Mailing List Script

    This script has worked very well for our customers. It has the auto removal of bounce backs as well. I looked for a while and could not find many at this price that does the auto removal.

    It's able to do autoremoval by poping the mailbox the returns are sent to, then removing from the list. This is initiated from the control panel area. Also it has the web join forms, and about everything else including multiple admins.

    Hope that helps.
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    Mailman is definitely capable of that. Read the documentation.
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