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    Question Table in use

    I'm runing vBulletin 2.3.x; suddently I could not post message because of dup key error and I try to go into the control panel then it give error

    "Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO adminlog (adminlogid,userid,dateline,script,action,extrainfo,ipaddress) VALUES (NULL,'1',1078681633,'misc.php','chooser','','')
    mysql error: Can't find file: './domain/adminlog.frm' (errno: 5)

    I looked that the database via phpmyadmin then I see 3 tables access, adminlog, adminutil displayed as "in use"

    Anyone got this? what is the problem? how to fix?

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    I see more and more table in use via phpmyadmin; how do I bring these table back to normal?

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    If you get the error Can't find file: 'xxx' (errno: 2) or Table 'xxx' doesn't exist, this means that no table exists in the current database with the name xxx.

    Note that as MySQL uses directories and files to store databases and tables, the database and table names are case sensitive! (On Win32 the databases and tables names are not case sensitive, but all references to a given table within a query must use the same case!)

    You can check which tables you have in the current database with SHOW TABLES and then try your insert query .



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    Shut off mysql. run myisamchk (if you're using isam tables). Make sure to run it with the proper syntax as shown in..

    You may just have some corrupt tables. After myisamchk runs start mysql again and see if its fixed.
    Roman Volf
    [email protected]

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