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    hosting with ?

    Anybody has any experience with ? How reliable
    are they ? how is the custom service ? downloading speed
    etc. ? I was told their server is in houston tx, their headquater
    /live support staff is based in Dubai, AE though.

    It looks like is owned by micfo also, sounds
    like there are people quite happy with hostmix, but they
    are a bit more expensive though.


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    Artashes I believe has/is using them. Try contacting him
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    Their plans seem to be a underpriced for what they're giving out, but other than that they look to be a good company. Their website is hosted at RackSpace, which is an extremely high quality datacenter so if their customers are there, you won't have a whole lot of problems with the network. I don't see anything that would stop me from going with them.

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    Wow, made a search out of curiousity and I see people are already asking about Micfo!

    Robert, you are correct, I have moved to Micfo about a month ago. Their site is hosted at RackSpace, but their users' network, I believe, lies through Robert Marsh' EV1. I might be mistaken since I didn't learn the details yet.

    As for thread starter, if you are at all interested in my opinion, here it goes. So far (been with for about a month now) I have experienced great load and speed. It IS in fact faster than what I have experienced at, which is one of the reasons I switched. Another one is that they have bigger plans, suited for bigger webmasters/developers, but the pricing yet satisfies webmasters of all sizes.

    But then again - they have just recently launched (run by the same team that created HostMatix), so not much to say. Final conclusions would come later on after a reasonable period of time. I'm still learning the environment myself.

    I'm definitely excited about the start though.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the kind replies, guys.

    It's just the forum user's account has been
    disabled caught my eye a little bit.

    I'll certainly give them a call to find out more details.

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    micfo seems to offer good packages. I had tried to call their number to check them out, but their phone seemed to have some kind of problem today.

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    Greetings orbitz,

    We have no problems with our telephone lines and they are working functionally.

    Also note that all sales inquiries should be directed to our sales department through e-mail, as we only provide phone support for technical inquries.

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