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    cool site template

    Hi, I have an idea for several sites I am currently working on and hope to launch.

    Anyways, if you're interested.. I will be happy, and if these sites get rolling as good as I hope, I will possibly pay you, plus I will start to refer people to you.

    Anyways, the sites I want to make are:
    A site similar to , where it is all real except no REAL money is exchanged. Try to make it professional looking.

    A pay to read site, what I have setup is a script with basically the same thing as and, but the look I am trying to get is or something like that, but with the same link as the other two, because the other 2 links have horrible designs.

    These are all I have for now, and if you please do these, I would be very happy and would reward you as best I can, and will run your banners for free for a period of time.
    Please send them as you make them, eg. dont have to wait till you have BOTH done at same time, you can do 1 or both, send it, then do other and send that.
    All I am going for is just a clean professional look(template), and I can integrate the template into the actual script.
    You can email me the template (please include the photshop or fireworks files incase I need to edit it), and/or you can contact me via msn messenger at [email protected] or AIM at csmaster2005

    Note: You do not have to do both, you can do one and send me it. I will select the best templates and use those, and will run banners and other things for the person.

    Also, I forgot to mention what I am going to name the sites.
    The first one will be , see what you can do with that for a logo heh, and the second one will probally be

    If you got any more questions, lemme know via this email or msn messenger!

    If its good... I might pay a little, less than $15 though

    Thank you,

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    I don't think some1 one will make a custom template for free.
    But you can find a lot off free templates and customize them here

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    eh, wasnt exactly free
    I've looked through most of the free templates, couldnt really find one to fit what i needed, especially the stock site.
    Hmm I wish my graphics skills were as good as my php skills

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    Well you haved looked good there are really free templates for your needs.

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    As I stated earleir, I've looked through them and havent found one that would work, I've only found moderate ones that would need lots of changes to get how I need them to be, which my graphic skills arnt capable of doing

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    If I am reading this all, you are wanting someone to do this for some price and well this is the wrong place to be advertising.

    This section is for discussing issues within the web and graphic designing concepts.

    No I am not criticizing or flaming you, just informing you. Good Day.

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    Thread moved.

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