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    Problems with my hosting

    I have a hosting on At the moment my accounts are not working. As well, I can't get to their url.

    Can anybody try to open this url from your destination?

    Thanx in advance.

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    I think the server is down right now. I can't open the url.

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    What site do you host with them? Their site is down from Australia

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    Site down in Wisconsin, USA

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    Originally posted by MN-Robert
    What site do you host with them? Their site is down from Australia and

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    Yup, down here from MI. Moved to the outages and updates forum so the host can post a response (if they're a WHT host that is)

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    Yes both domains are down. Do they have an emergency offsite page?


    Yes: however it's a blank page.

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    Sorry, this was my fault: the hosting company made a notice in advance on their site, and I just didn't put attention on it:

    <<<<We have a scheduled physical move of our equipment at the NOC into our new cage on Sunday, March 7, 2004. We are finalizing a time and will post that when it is available. The cabinets in which we currently have equipment will be lifted and rolled into the cage.

    What this entails: before the cabinets can be moved, all power and network connections must be disconnected. We will power down all servers gracefully, disconnect from the existing network drop, and then have the NOC personnel roll the cabinets into the new location. As each cabinet is placed, we will begin the powerup to bring all servers back online progressively. The entire process will take about 20 minutes, although actual downtime on various servers will not be that long due to our ability to begin powering up as soon as cabinets are placed within the cage.

    During the time the router itself is disconnected, the network will be inaccessible. The router will be the first item to be reconnected and powered up, followed by the servers in each cabinet. Recovery of traffic to those servers will depend on the order in which the powerup is completed.>>>>

    And this is the answer that I received from the hosting company:

    <<<This is the result of a planned outage we announced over a week ago, in the user forums, client mailing lists and in each client's control panel. >>>

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