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    Sunday afternoon blues

    What on earth is it about Sunday afternoons (UK time) when we get all these server downtime probs. Our managed server seems to be tied into the scene - and, yes, you've guessed it, there's more downtime. I can't really complain to direct, as the contract's with their reseller .... but it sure does p... me off when the server goes offline over the weekend.

    There's a good reason why people recommend ending eBay auctions at the weekend, ie the buying public are at home, surfing and spending money. Same with our clients - so their sites offline means lots of lost sales.

    Frankly dis-chuffed!

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    Is there anyone left at

    Sites still down - no word from our hosting reseller - but I can ping and get their main site. Any clues?

    Is anyone else experiencing problems with sites hosted in the circle of influence?

    Frankly ....

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    Re: Is there anyone left at


    Kernel was updated on the server, bind did not restart, no-one checked to see if the sites were online .....

    Computers 1 - Human Beings 0

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    SSL services ...

    would have been nice, too.


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