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    Usual reseller privilleges

    Hi guys.

    For you all, assuming your using Cpanel, do you usually check the "Enabling/Disabling SSL Support" box ?

    Also, if one of your resellers need to make a SSL certificate for one of his clients, how would you go about it ?

    Thanks !

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    This can be done using "Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain" feature via root WHM.


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    Oops, sorry i should rephrase my question. I meant, do you usually enable SSL Support feature for your resellers ?

    And if your reseller needs to make a SSL cert, would you do it for him ?

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    I see no reason if you reject his request for a SSL cert he has to pay fee for his own SSL cert, dedicated IP of course, and if you want to help him, you can install it for free. otherwise, you can charge him a little fee.

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    Oh ic, is it possible if i generate my own SSL cert from Cpanel for him ? Is it reccomended ?

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    Anyone there ?

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