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    Question Who else has been recieving this strange email? "None" in the subject, blank email.

    For the last few days I've been getting emails in my Yahoo inbox with "None" in the subject, nothing in the body of the email, and no email from whomever sent it. Is Yahoo filtering out emails with viruses, a bug in their code, or is it HTML with a link to upload a virus?

    I recieve all my other emails fine, just I keep getting this email with nothing in it.

    Who else has been recieving this strange email, and has it effected your computer?

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    I've been getting blank emails, with blank subjects for quite some time. I just delete them, never bothered to track down the source.

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    I've just assumed they've been html emails that Thunderbird has stripped out all the remote graphics and html, leaving it blank *shrug*
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    Probably spammer trying to gather email addresses. Sending out blanks and if any bounces, then those doesn't work; those that doesn't bounce (hence received by us) may be added to their spam list. It's cost efficient as it saves bandwidth and it's fairly effective considering that they're doing this to yahoo... *shrugs* Just my two cents

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