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    Question Hosting Questions

    I need help in choosing a web host. I have little web design experience but I do know how to use flash and dreamweaver. I am looking for a host so I can get a decent sized web site up so I can practice and get more farmiliar with these programs. I also want to include a message board into the site later.

    If anyone can tell me of a good host they have used or is using. I dont want to pay more than 20$ a month.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Your best bet is to simply look through the posts here and make your own informed decision.

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    $10 to $20 should get you a decent host, just be aware of the too cheap fly by night hosts and carefully check their background/reviews

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    Well I have to plug my host I have used Internet Seer for over a year they check my site every hour and report if there is a problem. They have always sent my weekly report with 0.00% downtime.

    Not so with my last host that means a lot
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    I had a similar experience when i used netfirms (the free plan). Uptime there was great. On one occasion the site was slow (even their on site was slow) but they has a note on the site explaining they had network-related problems.

    Anyway, you could use this and to come up with a list of hosts. Always check their reputation before you sign-up with any of them. For that you can use the search feature

    Good luck!

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