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    E-mail forwarding script


    Does anyone know where can I find e-mail forwarding script in PHP or Perl? It should allow visitors of a website to sign up for [email protected] and then any e-mail sent to this address will be forwarded to the visitors' real e-mail address. This doesn't sound complicated but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Please help. Thanks in advance.


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    Have you searched This script sounds common enough to be found there.
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    Yes, I've looked in Hotscripts and Resourceindex but haven't found any. The closest thing I found is Hivemail, which is really nice but it stores all e-mail on my server, more like Hotmail thing. I'm looking for something like Netforward, not Hotmail. I also found one script using qmail for e-mail forwarding but since I use cpanel, I don't want to mess with qmail. I think a PHP script using pipe gateway (like Hivemail) would be nice. Any thoughts?

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