I want to create a site similar to 3gupload.com, mbuzzy.com and myphonefiles.com (but without having to sign-up and log-in). I am seeking someone who can write a ringtone/screensaver/game script that can enable the user to send a file already on the site to his/her phone and also enable the user to upload a file from his/her computer and send it to their phone.

Right now I am focusing on 3G SprintPCS compatiblity.

A log-in interface will not be needed at this time. It would be great if I could integrate it in the future but for now I would want it to be as easy as typing in their phone number in and clicking send. I also want them to be able to access the website and download the ringtones/screensavers/games from their phone (WAP version) similiar to 3gforfree.com/

A search function would also be cool

I also want users to be able to create and upload their own ringtones and screensavers also and give them a personal space "locker". (maybe at a later date once I get the site rolling)

I will be offering this service for free so I do not needed any payment systems intergrated into it.

If your interested email me at [email protected]

I am fairly new to all this programming stuff so if I said/did something wrong and/or posted it in the wrong place, please excuse me.

Thank you