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    OSCommerce Mod for prices based on password?

    Is there a oscommerce mod that can give prices based on the password entered. I am doing a BtoB site, and there are three different price levels depending if its a manufaturers rep, distributor or store. Is there a way to do this with oscomerce or any mod out there? Also I dont want to allow them to see the prices until I approve their registration, can this be done?

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    Hi Javier,

    There is a mod that doesnt show pricing until the users have logged in as well as a moderate signups mod...

    The best mod to use for setting different price levels is customer specific discounting... This mod allows you to set discount levels in admin for a specific customer... But, the website will display "list" pricing, and upon checkout, each user will receive their appropriate discount... Most B2B sellers prefer this method, as it gives their various channels the impression they are getting a deal...

    You most certainly can format osC to work opposite to this (ie, show the discounted pricing that each user is to receive once they log in) - however, I do not believe this mod has been created. Wouldnt be too difficult to do - but I belive you would have to find someone to code this for you.

    Hope this helps...

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    Edit - duplicate post - my apologies....

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    Corey and Andrew:

    Thank you for all the responses, I am already checking out some of the mods listed. Thanks for the great and quick help.

    Andrew regarding the mod you mention I agree with you that sometimes is better to show the list price so that they feel they get are getting a good deal. But in some ocassions some products are not for consumers, do you know if you can have certain show and others not show until logged in? Or as you said I would need to find someone to code this for me.

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