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    I signed up with them 3 days ago, and my domain that they registered for me has still not propogated :/ I'm beginning to think something is wrong, but my account for the support forums hasn't been approved yet and they aren't on their aim support... Any advice?

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    Have you tried email or a support ticket?

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    Their Helpdesk must be working !! Or does that require a registered login too ? Many hosts have email-routing setup for the if you email it goes into the Ticket you could try that. If you get an autoresponse, then you know you are in luck and the message got to them at least.

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    Yay, I got a responce from the helpdesk.. they said.. Please wait 24 hours But... I've already waited 86!

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    Was the domain atleast registered?
    PierreB - Montreal

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    Yes it was

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    did your host give you a temporary url?

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