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    could be a great game community site

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    It could be.. you just cant make money out of it.

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    I would say.... $500 ?

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    money can always be made from partnerships, affiliate programs, and google adwords

    traffic is all you need

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    You could also lose money, up to $100,000 for starters.

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    You have to spend 100,000 to lose it. Who would do that?

    I have had this site for years... I just dont do enough with it. I have just too many projects. I wish I had a partner or someone with a good plan to push it forward. It just needs some love. At one point I had 500 visitors a day and then my server got hacked, I moved offices, and started other projects. I am still working on too many things now. But I know that one day Atari.NET will rise again. I just sold and I owned the trademark for a while but thats in someone elses hands now. I own quite a few game related sites and with a little effort they could be great network of sites for gamers. (being worked on now) (new) too but it mirrors to a friends site for now.
    and of course Atari.NET too...I own even more sites but these are the game related ones

    I couldnt spend $100,000 if I decided to outsource everything I wanted to do. Unless I was a sucker..which I aint.
    One at a time is my goal...with anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand for each one.

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    defender - I think that $100,000 loss is at the hands of the true COPYRIGHT owners of ATARI (and anything ATARI, including the domain name).

    It is just not worth the time or trouble. If you start doing something with it to market it, start making any money off of it, etc. then it will come to the attention of ATARI. As you have just had it sitting and not really developed into anything, it has not hit their "radar" as of yet.

    Good Luck with whatever you do...maybe think about leasing it out as a marketing redirect tool to other gaming sites, including your own...JUST DON'T develop anything at the domain name itself. Sell it, lease it, rent it, whatever and just redirect the traffic to whoever's site.

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    Actually I have owned ATARI.NET for quite some time..before infogrames did even.

    I have spoken to my lawyer and they cant lay claim to it. Its been a registered domain for quite some time and I am not a cybersquatter.

    I use the name Atari.NET and use it for a different purpose than they do. Obviously they are aware of Atari.NET. I dont infringe on their mark or logo.

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    Just from the point of a forwarding gateway I would suggest around the high $xxx possibly more.

    developed it would certainly be worth more as there is still a very big atari supporters network out there.

    Legally there could be issues if your making money from it as a site dedicated to the Atari systems, computer, etc...

    despite anything your lawyer says, the domain is safe, but making money on the back of a trademark owned by someone else will attract attention and be shut down unless you offer to cut them in.

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