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    I have a question about HCL, I would post in their forums but they don't seem to have a support section.

    When I have the request monitor open, and I click initiate with a visitor, nothing happens. I know the visitor should have a pop up asking for him/her to chat. This doesn't happen, I've tested it with friends.

    Anyone know what the problem is? Should I just re-install?

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    HCL support forum:

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    do they have pop up stopper? What version of the winapp are you using and what version of the HCL have you installed?
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    The latest version, and the support forums don't have a support section. I'll just re-install

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    Originally posted by CPQIS
    The latest version, and the support forums don't have a support section. I'll just re-install
    Just becasue they dont have a support section directly labeled that does not mean they do not offer support via thier forum. I have had a few issues with HCL back when I used it and I posted for support in the correct version forum under the proper topic and they helped me out. Michael (the creator of HCL) frequents there alot and is very helpful. I just had to add my 2cents
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    Isn't that what support forums are made for?

    HCL also has e-mail support to ([email protected] I believe).

    Might want to give those two options a try

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    1.2 support secton of the forum, clearly labeled 'Support'

    1.1. support section of the forum, also clearly labeled 'Support'

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    This is the problem with HCL and a lot of the live help solutions out there. Their proactive chat is ineffective if the customer has a popup blocker. I tested this software and had the same problem.

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