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    Question Good hosting server

    Well i am looking for a good but cheap and managed hosting server company
    Can anyone help me
    my budget is $100 to $140

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    configuration ? maybe server matrix ok with your price. they're reliable , stable and managed.

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    It also matters what level of managment.

    I agree that server matrix has good prices. If you are looking for more managment then the basic that they offer you it will cost more.

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    Basically i am a designer and new in this field
    what i want is
    A normal server for start but managed one
    with ensim or Cpanel
    Os must be linux
    and with all stuff

    i just didnt understand what is mysql stuff at servermatrix ?

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    mysql is a database, I don't much about it as its going into programming

    Do you know how to use SSH on the linux machine? You don't have to know everything but it helps if you can do the basics (move around files etc.)

    Here is a list of Server Matrix mangment plans. The top one is free with all servers:

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    i know linux and free bsd i was running shell company no i want to ask mysql is not free ?

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    mysql is open source, as such anyone can download and use it for free if they want.

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    Here's the best I have:

    Athlon XP 1900+
    512MB SDRAM
    60GB Hard drive (7200RPM)
    750GB Bandwidth
    Redhat 9.0 (Debian & FreeBSD avaliable)
    10 IPs
    Optional cPanel/WHM (+$20/month specify in comments)
    IRC Allowed
    Setup Fee: $99.00
    Monthly Fee: $99.99

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    PearlNine whats your company name ?

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