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    Wierd problem with loading my webpage

    I've been building a website for the last month, and everything has gone pretty ok until about 3 days ago. The layout of my website is set up so that every sub category has it's own folder. Now 2 of the sub categories are acting really wierd. There are two absolutely different html files in these 2 dirs that do not load more than 2-6KB on my computers. When i click a link that leads to one of these files, all I get is the very beginning of the file (2-6KB) and then the connection stalls. There is no such problems on many other connections that I have tested, neither do any of my friends experience this problem. I have tried to download these files via FTP and the same thing happens.

    Can anyone thin of any explanation to this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I can't....

    but have you tried deleting these files and re-uploading? Might be a corruption issue during transfer...

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