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    Best configuration / partitions for Linux SM machine?

    Hi, all -

    I'm going to be purchasing a ServerMatrix server for a client, and I just wanted to get some expert advice on partitioning instructions and the like for the server.

    The plan is to get a Servermatrix server with the Silver managed service, and then hire on a Linux security specialist to audit the server once every three to four months. I would then handle basic day-to-day maintenance.

    I've done some server administration before, but have never set up Linux from scratch on a server. Can anyone make any recommendations for the best course of action? The server will be serving a fairly busy software developer's site, with a couple of MySQL databases and PHP forums, and a SSL cert for ecommerce.



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    We usually use the default partitioning they provide which is

    /boot = ~150mb
    swap = ~1028mb
    / = whatevers left

    works out good for us.
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