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    flash to make the line burn effect? (not sure what its called)

    just wondering how.

    Its like were a bright little beam of light follows sharp edges and stuff.

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    Im not sure but, i think your thinking of what i call the line effect. If so you can find a tutorial written by me here : and other resources for the same or almsot the same tutorial.

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    well this is what I'm talking about:

    that tutorial still isn't helping much.

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    hmm... im not sure. I made that flash in that banner using the same steps. Maybe try using a different linear colors.

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    Are you familiar with masks? That's how you do it.

    Create your pencil line, that the effect will take course over, create the mask. Pretty mush how you would in Photoshop. Remember to give it an animation tween.

    Good luck,
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    almost their,
    can someone go to this site:

    I'm stuck on the step just above number 7. where it says: Give the chrome symbol a left to right Motion Tween of around 20 to 25 frames........

    Can someone help me on this?

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    ok this is from that site I listed above. They said draw a rectangle and they presented this picture: It it supposed to be this big? I got to this step already, I just don't know what to do. Can someone help me out?

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    I Finally figured it out.

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