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    Looking for...

    I am looking for 2 boxes.

    Both SCSI min 36gb 10k
    both p4 w/ hyperthreading (possibly one dual)
    2gb for one 1gb for the other
    at least 500gb bw

    possibly managed or semi-managed if the price is decent

    under $400/m pref.

    good network and reliable host.

    I have been searching, but not too many offer scsi.
    closest place is

    one box will be running apache, php, mail, vbulletin with 1.5million posts and 250+ concurrent users

    other box will be dedicated mysql 4

    any suggestions on diff boxes welcome.


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    Super SCSI 2.8 at ServerMatrix sounds like it would meet your needs or come close to it.

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    try you will mostly find what you are looking for
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