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    whats a good tower colo company?

    i want to know if theres is any good colocation company that can host tower server for $70/mo or less im just asking to see if theres any good colo company becouse i would prefer my server be hosted in a data center but if there isent any colo company for $70 or less ill just host it at home on a dedecated 1.5mbps/850kbps DSL line. Thanks.

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    $70 per month may get you the space but then you have to figure in bandwidth. I don't think you will find anything for $70 a month sorry..

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    Typically 1U of space will cost around $30. (+/-) a tower is around 4U. Space alone, you are hardly able to fit into your budget. The only one that can possibly be close to that is FDC. But then do your homework to see if that's why you wish to go with.
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    well then i just guess ill run it on a dedicated DSL line at my house it just for like 1 website and a games server (the game server is just used for practices so i guess a DSL will be ok) but thanks anyways...

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    You might look at they supposedly offer dsl thats made for gaming and can do like 2mbps and you can get a dedicated ip. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
    Charles Baker - Company Operations

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    just out of curiosity...

    Just out of curiosity,.. what's the server going to be used for?

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    Most towers we receive actually peak up over 4U. If they're not rackmountable, we have to install a shelf which takes up another 1U (not to mention that our customers have to pay an installation fee for such hardware).

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    Buy a low end 2U rackmount (or 1U if the system will fit). They can be had for not that much and will pay for itself in a few months.

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    There are plenty of places that offer tower colocation. Just do a search for "tower colo." It is not as economical to put them in cabinets.

    Paul VanMeter

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    I agree you want to steer clear of the cabinets with the towers which means you will have to steer clear of anyone pricing by the U which will drastically lower your options though.

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