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    anyone interland?

    Interland's control panel is the worst i have ever seen. I have been having quite a few problems with them. my database disappeared three days ago and appeared today.

    anyone hosting with interland b300 shared?
    Whenever I use any formmail, tell a friend or any other php scripts and/or movable type blog, the users IP address is the same for everyone. it is some

    Is there way of getting around this? I 'd like to get the real ip's of the visitors when they use the scripts or post comments on blog.

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    I'm actually moving one of my design customers off of a dedicated Interland server onto one of mine. Interland's got to be THE worst server company ANYONE could ever think of going with. Their servers are so poorly configured that their systems actually add extra lines to any files that you upload (text files, of course), plus the servers they offer are true pieces of crud. I would STRONGLY advise you to go with someone else...
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    interland is ok-ITS MY OPNION

    i sign up with interland before a year.
    Till now we dont have any problem.i mean we have now 3 servers.
    Its the only company where i can chat with a tech person in an hotmail chat or yahoo chat id.

    we have 4 servers in and 2 in but till now we cant even get a personal rapport with any individual from ev1servers.
    Its i feel iam one among the 1000 servers.but in interland i can directly interact with mr joel kocher or mr jesus lopez sales director or with mr elio (if my bandwidth got shoot by a ddos attack)if i get any delays.

    i mean i feel as a company with more servers i get recoganised more in interland for good discounts and good tech support as we grow.
    Thats i always prefer high end servers with interland.
    i feel secured bcos i know all of the persons personally so things move very fast if iam in trouble.but in ev1 servers irrespective of how much server we have ...any problem we have to create a trouble ticket and wait for their doesnt mean ev1servers is worst..they do answer us on time but there is no personal touch.
    thats the difference.THIS IS MY OPNION
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    I agree on the control panel side and their webmail. I've had a few past clients that were with them and uptimes were good but it was always a nuisance to do anything on the backend.

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    I've heard good and bad about lots of hosts, almost every host has had some problems, it's going to happen, doesn't make them bad, but their are a few bad apples out there.

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    Interland should stop telemarketing companies, and spend some time/money on their support staff/Tech Staff.

    Which reminds me, I haven't gotten my call this month yet...could it possibly be they actually removed me from their list?
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    Let's see.....
    Our agency uses them, and their CP is horrible. The site was originally with them, but ended up on their servers through all the mergers and buy-outs Interland did.
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