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    Limiting Bandwidth on a Background Process???

    Ok, I have an interested client who wants to run a voice server in the background. But, I've been told that active voice servers can use several 100's of GBs bandwidth per month, so I was wondering if there's a way to limit it? One of my friends told me that I should find some application to monitor the port, while my datacenter made the suggestion I should: "best thing would be to get a sepereate IP and then setup counters on that". What should I do? - High quality shared and reseller web hosting

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    If you just want to measure the bandwidth used you have two options, both require the customer to be running on a dedicated IP, you could use iptables which is not the safest way as information will be lost on a reboot and it just does a byte count, best option would be MRTG, which isn't too difficult to get running.

    Depending on the voice server being used you can probably limit the data rate in the servers config file
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