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    Logo contest $60


    I know this isn't as much as others have offered, but we am on a bit of a budget. I would like to a logo to match my current flash header and and site theme. It will go in place of the name on our current banner, and be used in our various media. It should include our name Heavens Host, and our tagline a higher level of hosting. Maybe you could integrate a halo in some portion of it? (Not required) Other than that have at it, I will run this until Friday.

    We have several big contracts coming up soon, so if we complete one before this next week I will double it to $120.

    Thank you in advance for you submissions.

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    Please post your website for inspiration

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    If you up that to 70$ and go with I'm sure you'll get a GREAT logo.

    Paul B. Riddick
    Web hosting done right
    ██ Shared, Reseller and Dedicated web hosting
    An Easy Web Presence Company

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    Originally posted by TFXRaven
    Please post your website for inspiration
    Whoops hehe

    Sorry about that.

    Ok, I can do $70.

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    I just wanted to provide some additional information here to help with the designs. I would like the name/logo to be somewhat unique itself in case I need to put just the name without the full logo on something.

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    Fully scalable to any resolution, any color scheme. Contact information is in sig if you have any questions.

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    You don't have a sig showing.

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    Here's my stab at it

    Heavens Host

    Please tell me what you think, thanks.

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    I like what people have posted and PM'd, though they aren't quite what I am looking for. As you can see from the site I am veering away from the norm as far as hosting. Aside from the obvious market you can gather from the site I have several specialized markets I am targeting. I would like not so much a slick futuristic look, but more of a classy simplistic aproach.

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    Jhorra, you didn't have my specific criticisms for mine.

    I was going to have a stand-alone 'HH' logo similar to the type there with the halo, but I figured I'd shoot with that first.

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    I like where you started to go with it. The solo HH might be good. Then I can add the eavens and ost onto it if I want the entire name to show.

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    If you have anything else more that I could change with it, I'll be glad to.

    If you select mine, I can format it however you see fit.

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    Here are two very poor examples that I did in Paint. They are very simplistic, and just something I thought up. Maybe something to go off of, but I'm not set on them. If you can improve or make something completely different that's better I'll go with it.

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    Cool, I'll work on something tomorrow then.

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    Jhorra, can you PM me an e-mail addy or something, i have a submission but don't have any hosting at the moment.

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    Here is a concept with several variations. Please let me know what you think.

    Heavens Host

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    my entry:
    Click Here

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    Ok, so far I really like Shaq's and DaHoNk the best. Those are along the lines I am looking for. Kind of a simplistic look.

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    Here is my submission:

    It keeps the simplistic look yet adds a 3d flavor.

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    hi everyone!

    Take a look:

    have a good day!


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    Oooh Kaotik, I really like that one. Can you face it a little more straight on and have the halo not go under the side, but still have a slant like that? I like the 3d in it though.

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    When will the contest officially end? Will you be able to pay via PayPal?
    AIM: AtonexCOM

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    I will end it at the latest Friday, but if I see one that I really like it could end sooner. I can pay via paypal or CC, whichever you prefer.

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    Hey, Jhorra, post here when you make a deal with someone, so we know when we can stop posting our stuff.

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    Ok, will do.

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    Well originally I was going to run this till Friday, but it looks like I've got all the submissions I am going to get. I have then PM'd the winner. Thank you all for your submissions, there were some very nice designs here.

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