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    Hosting Company Needs Design Company

    Hi, i own a hosting company and we are currently looking for a design company or person that can makes high quality or good quality websites at a decent price, as we want to partner with one and make special packages with hosting and design and refer our customers. We also ask that you would refer your customers to us also. If you are interested please Email us or IM us, Thankyou

    PS. last time i posted a request the moderators took it off , please moderators tell me what im doing wrong so i can correct it as you told me to look at a link with the rules and i didnt see a single one a broke.

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    We're a professional web design and hosting company backed by staff with 5+ years experience in the industry. We will be able to make you a full design for your hosting company in a range that will fit your budget.

    See our website at and contact me at mdurrant [at] pixd [dot] com if you're interested

    Best Regards,
    Matt Durrant

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    Web design and development partner


    My name is michael cruz I run and manage a web design and development firm :

    We work exclusively with Hosting companies and their design / development needs. We do WORK FOR HIRE which means we can take care of your clients with full respect and loyalty towards your brand. We do not brand our services when working under contract with specific companies.

    We have developed such brands as ", and many more"

    We do all our front-end and back-end work ourselves, which means our turn around time is faster then most can guarantee.

    Give us a try and you wont regret it.

    Michael Cruz
    305 904 8098
    AIM =

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    We have contracted with a design firm to provide design services,
    Cyber Ultra Network - Reliable Budget Web Hosting Provider Since 2003

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