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    [For Sale] Very Nice Hosting Template

    Hi, I have a very nice looking hosting template for sale. I'm looking for around 35$ for it.
    Click Here
    If anyone has and offer, please PM me or send an e-mail to: [email protected], or just reply here.

    You will get the very organized .psd file, full rights to the template, and you can do anything you would like with it, resell it, etc...
    I also forgot to mention that this design will be exclusive to you, meaning it will not be used anywhere else.


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    give us the URL to html page of the site, not just a screenshot !

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    why? so you can steal the images and the code?

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    they're all copyrighted so we can't do that !

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    Would I be selling a fully coded template for $35? Would anybody?

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