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    Anyone experiance with them? I tried the search option and I found few of post, but nothing bad about them.

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    So Far so good

    I been with them for about 2 months now and have no complaints, one of the owners are online at 60% of the day via MSN. Speed is above average and customer support tickets are great, I have no complaints with them thus far, am very happy.


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    Could try them out, no harm

    Talked to their MSN rep few times and generally cool

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    imtom, what is the site you have with them?

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    If you searched and found nothing bad about them, why not just go with them?
    Do you need to find something bad before you go with teh host?
    New site:

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    Thank you all reply

    I want know about this host, how is there support, and uptime. I get about 10000 hits a day my current host have lot down time for past month.

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    Over the past 2 months they only had 1 major downtime thats when they were switching hosts, other than that it has been up 99.99% of the time.

    I commented earlier about their support, I am quite pleased with it as of now, If I have a problem its resolved quickly. He is very easy to get in contact with on MSN chat.

    They are new to the reseller field, they have been hosting accounts for awhile now from what I have been told.

    Hope this helps if you have any other questions fire away


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    I just signup with them few hours ago, all my account setup and they move my account there server after talking to them on live support. Im ready to go, waiting for name server point there server. I like there fast support, thank you all reply

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    Thanks for reviewing our host experience. Like Tom said, we had only one downtime, which was to make sure no down time in future by moving our servers to The Planet network.

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    I've just signed up Ultramatrix right now just waiting for my domain dns to point to the server.

    I really like the support of this Webhost. The tech/sales was with me on msn for more than 3hrs or even longer. (forgot the excet time) to help me to cutsom a package that i need. and asnwered all my questions. So far this is the best support i've experinced. After i've signed up few mins later my site is ready to go. Now just waiting for the domain transfer.

    I haven't use their server yet so i can't comment about the speed and other stuff. but i will sure update this forum after i test this webhost for 1 month. But after 3 days of searching thru all the forums and other webhost companies Ultramatrix has the best deal and support. that's why i decided to go with them.

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    Other than the lack of Fantastico automated scripts, the Ultramatrix reseller package, 7 day ("no obligation") trial period, and offers of support look quite good. Having only a 7 day money-back guarantee is somewhat curious and finding out that they have no permanent address or phone number puts all those promised intentions into a whole other perspective.

    I tried several times to get a physical address and emergency phone number from Ultramatrix staff but they claim to be in the process of moving to two different countries (UK and US) right now. They also have responded to questions about this on the Ultramatrix forums and promise to add it some time in the future.

    You'll be taking your chances on this one. It could be a great deal with curious business practices. It could be something else. Call me cynical, but I'll wait for the permanent contact information before signing any contracts.

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