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Thread: Hindsight

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    Unhappy Hindsight

    Does anyone ever expierience it? I did on my way home today...

    I know this is off topic, but ive gotta kinda just talk about it...

    I go to a basketball game today, do my job, then stay for another game to watch. Well im sittin there.. and about 6 rows over, was this attractive lady sitting there all alone and looks bored and all of that... I kept an eye, and no one came to her or anything so i was assuming she was there alone. I didnt know how to go say hey, but I wanted to... to say the least.. i didnt go talk to her. (Im not good at talking to women anyways). So I leave an on the long and lonesome drive home i sat there and thought how i could have played things out and either scored, or just walked away happy to have been able to talk to her...

    Hindsight. Sucks.

    You are unique, just like everyone else.

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    Oh yea... We all do. Trust me.
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