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    Dysfunctional SPAM

    Here's some spam that came into the email I use for WHT a few minutes ago. I wonder when I will receive my little blue pills? Every little bit helps.

    Administration of online store would like to thank you for your purchase of Viagra tablets. Couple of words about our products and services. Viagra is a prescription drug used to treat erection difficulties, such as erectile dysfunction, which also refers to as an impotence. At this condition men do not experience normal erection, necessary for the sexual act. VIAGRA works only in reply to sexual excitation and does not influence reproductive function in any way. Your tablets will be sent to the address specified by you within 24 hours. You should store VIAGRA at temperature below 30 degrees in original packing and out of reach of children. Do not take preparation after expiry date which is located on top of the package. We are the only official dealers that offer you tablets in original packaging. We guarantee to refund your money during 30 days.

    If you never purchased this product please contact us at: 1.888.575.6398
    To cancel this purchase please contact us at: 1.408-817-2800
    To change the shipping address on the order: 1.877.999.8779
    If you suffer any side effects please contact: 1.866.963.9696
    For bulk purchases please contact: 1.703.547.2000

    Thank you for choosing
    We are the first - the best.

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    hahhaha spamers
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