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    PHP/MySQL Job - Text Based Game Progamming Needed

    Hello there PHP/MySQL Programmers,

    I am looking for a quote on the development of a project I have in mind. I am looking to create an online text based game such as the games Utopia and Earth: 2025 that are popular examples.

    This will be no doubt an advance system, as there will be economy and combat functions to program. I am looking for a reliable PHP/MySQL programmer to hire for this project. Price and performances are factors in my selection process.

    Please PM me your quote: include your asking price, and your past work involving PHP and MySQL. No emails please, PM only.

    Thank you.

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    Still looking! Haven't had too many people interested.

    Please PM me if your interested. Thanks

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    for a project on this scale i think it may be better to divide the game into modules with a clear flowchart of how you would like modules to fit together. Then hire a group of programmers and assign them to a module each - a job of this scale would pretty much take up all a programmers time for the next few months...
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    We are IT Script Team: offshore software developing / design company located in Russia.

    IT Script team consists of experienced programmers/designers working on web development market more then 6+ years.

    Our portfolio, presenting work samples with estimations, skills and references can be found here : itscript[dot]com
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    We can offer a team of programmers for your project.
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    Our prices are fair and reasonable. We charge 10 EUR per hour.
    Please feel free to contact us for details if you interesting in our services. You are always welcome!

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