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    I'm trying to choose a reliable host to use hivemail with. any ideas? obviously there's the risk, with any such program of spam, but the program does have strong built-in prevention measures and it would be moderated closely. thanks

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    You could try;

    Although I'm not entirely sure of it's background, I know it's not officially provided by HiveMail. Although they don't seem to have a problem with its existence.

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    Hivemailhost is a good choice although doesnt have many reviews or comments here, they do provide a good service.

    Staff are reliable and friendly. Worth a try i say

    Good luck!

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    They certainly need to fix their site though, half the buttons graphics don't load, the 5 specialty buttons at to still have default "nav1", "nav2" rollever

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    lol pics don't load...
    don't think it is a good host then..
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    A great domain
    A different template, guess still under construction that explains missing buttons on index page.


    Maybe they use Managed com and SM?

    fgraph, might want to try contacting them, and maybe take a look at some hosting directories such as and, maybe also the offers forum.

    Good luck.
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