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    Looking for a Job

    Dear fellow WHT Members,
    I am 14 years of age. I'm looking for a job working for hopefully a well known company. I part owned a hosting company for awhile and I know about the "ups and downs" of the webhosting industry. I consider myself pretty well experienced in this industry and in the world of computers. I don't really have much of a resume yet but I have worked for a pretty sucessful webhosting company. If you would like the name of the company and the URL to the site please PM me. I'm experienced in the following.

    Linux Server Administration ( Basic )
    I have co-administered a 2 servers before. I could help "watch over" your server.

    Webhosting Sales/Technical Support ( 6 Months )

    Cpanel ( 1 Year )

    WHM ( 4 Months )

    WHM AutoPilot ( 2 Months )

    Photoshop ( 3 years )

    HTML ( 3 Years )

    PHP ( 10 Months )

    Visual Basic ( 6 Months )

    OSTicket ( Helpdesk Software)

    StarDevelope ( LiveHelp Chat )

    + Why should you hire me?
    Very simple. I'm not going to lie to you and say I am the best at what I do and I can help get you 1000+ customers a day. If you hire me as a Sales Representative I also can't guarantee you 10+ customers daily. After being in this industry I have learned that a company's support and appearance and 2 of the most important things. I consider myself experienced with computers and I am also confident that my English is very good. Odviously I speak English fluently but I usually talk and write with good spelling and punctuation ( No one is perfect ). I would like to request that you don't take my age into too much consideration. I do believe in quality when it comes to webhosting and other related industrys so I would rather not work for a company who overs rediculous things like unlimited space and bandwidth.

    I'm looking to work for a well established company. It would be interesting working for some "differant" companys including a gaming server company or a dedicated server company. I can't guarantee hours daily but I do put in a lot of time weekly for any job I take. As far as a payment, I am not interested in free hosting nor am I interested in free advertising. I would like to be paid monthly and at a pretty low rate. I'm really not looking to be paid on the amount of customers I get you. I'm only looking to take on one job because I would like to dedicate my time and effort to one job only to ensure quality work. Everyone is probably thinking "Why does a 14 year old need money" well the simple answer is I would like to start my own company or part own a company in a few months or so and I would like some money to get a good start. Also please if you have nothing nice to say, please don't bother posting. If you are interested in my contact info please PM me or post in this thread.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    Your age is no problem! As I myself started out when I was young.

    Have you been a Sales Representative before?
    What were you selling?
    Where were you selling it?
    How much was the product?
    How many sales did you make?

    You can PM or directly email me those answers.
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    Ok. I private messaged you w/ the answers.

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    Msg'd you on aim.
    Matthew Gunnin
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    I have recieved many nice offers but the job is still open.

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