2 Programs in 1 - HTML Editor & FTP Client
Fully Branded to your company name and website
You get both a PC and a Web-Based version (Works on all OS's and browsers)
You'll be FREE to give away or sell it to your customers
Only $20 until March 31st

The Webware version holds all of the same features as the PC version does, the specifics for both are listed below. Click here to 'test-drive' the Webware version. Webware version requires PHP to run from your server.

You get both the fully branded PC and Webware versions for just $20

That price will include full branding of the software and webware versions to your company name and placement of your web-banner sized company logo (where the current BanPro NET logo in the demos are) which is a link that will launch the user's default browser to your website.

With the added FTP client and graphics package (described below) this is a great resource to offer your current and prospective hosting customers who are always searching to stretch their hosting fee dollars.

While the PC DEMO listed below is a simple zipped .exe file to be used for testing purposes only, the actual branded versions will come with a full Windows Installation Setup program for you to distribute, making your branded editor a much more professional piece of software to offer your customers.

A demo of the PC version can be found at:

Here's a screen shot of the PC editor:

This PC software works on all Win95 and above systems. Requires I.E. 5 or above be installed. The Webware version works across all OS platforms and browsers.

Editor features:

- Supports HTML 4.0, PHP, Java and other common web scripting languages
- Single click instant HTML tags (no need to type them all out)
- Instant FORMS creation
- Instant META tags
- One-click FRAMES creation
- FTP upload Manager for instant publishing of your pages to the web (can be customized to your server IP)
- In-depth Help file so even those with little or no knowledge of HTML can create a web page in minutes
- Hexadecimal HTML color picker
- Test Browser (WYSIWYG) for previewing your code as you create it
- Plus much more...

Also, the Branded Website Builder comes packaged with over 200 pieces of logo and banner (many animated) graphics which may be passed on to your customers as an extra value. They will be free to manipulate and use the clipart in whatever way they wish.

The graphics are not included in the PC demo version, but are available through the Webware DEMO.

What other hosts have said about this software:

I've done business with Scott a few times. I have to say he is very professional, friendly and prompt, and I would do business with him again
This is a cool little tool and he will brand with your co. info.
Nice incentive!!
Thanks Scott!




...this is a good editor. I can see it used by hosts as a giveaway to their clients.

Web Hosting, Online Editor, Auction Management


Again, it's just $20 for branded versions of both the PC software and the Webware build for WHT hosts until March 31st.

Purchases are by PayPal to [email protected] or checks or money orders (contact [email protected] for postal address info), and the branded version will be produced and delivered within hours of payment and receipt of your company URL and logo.

Once purchased, you are free to give away or sell your branded PC versions to your customers and clients, no additional license fees required. The Webware version may only be used on one single site of your choice, and the source files may not be shared with or sold to others.

Please feel free to contact me by PM or at [email protected] with any questions or comments you may have.

Scott Bannon