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    WARNING - Fake Ebay e-mail going around

    I just got an E-mail , looked like it was from ebay. had "[email protected] " as the sender .. i checked it and is was from "[email protected]" and/or "[email protected]"

    They ask for credit card info and bank account info.. also ebay username and password..

    I have reported it to ebay but this is just a heads up to you all.

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    I get these on a regular basis, so nothing new to me. I'm sure it'll help some people though that are not aware of this. This is one of the oldest scams and I'm surprised it's still going on - probably because there are still some people somewhere new to the internet falling for it.

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    You know what I was thinking? Since Google spiders WHT 24/7 they're should be a dedicated thread/sticky that people can post the email addresses of all the spams/scams they get. This way when the harvesters come along, they all end up spamming the hell out of each other.
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    lol Trifolic, good idea. Too bad WHT'll probably never allow that

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