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    Hyperseek plugin needed (perl)

    I need a Hyperseek plugin that outputs related terms, so
    search engines index them and that people have more options.
    For example: You search for "dell", it could say

    Related Searches:
    whatever I put here
    Those searches in the output would be linked to a certain URL,
    with the only change being the term.
    like this: <a href="/$Search_Term_Related1-offers">Related1</a>
    <a href="/"></a>
    <a href="/"></a> etc.

    the term would be in .txt or whatever file is best /fastest somewhere in
    the dirs.
    Dell,,, gateway,,
    Amazon,,, buy,
    When one term is matched, the rest of those items in that line would be shown as related searches (NOT case sensitive).

    Please let me know. I have a $30-$50 budget on this and I posted the same on a free lancing board so it will be a few days before I decide. I already got ripped off by a scum bag over this. More details will be coming on that because I'm not going to just let it slide.

    Back on topic Hyperseek can be enhanced with perl plugins as long as you follow a few things:

    thank you ,

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    Re: Hyperseek plugin needed (perl)

    Just remembered that I already have a similar plugin that opens up a new window, based on the search term. The term has a url on file, like this:

    You could start with that, just modify it to display the html described on the original post instead of opening the new window.


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