Hi folks,

We're pleased to announce a special offer of a 5 server bundle.

Five servers, each with the following hardware specification:
- Celeron 2GHz
- 256MB RAM
- 1x 40GB disk
- 100Mbit/s burst

Supplied with 300GB/month transfer usage shared between the servers.

Provided as standard:
- APC MasterSwitch ports for remote reboots
- Monthly/live bandwidth usage summary and live bandwidth usage graphs
- Primary/secondary DNS and backup MX on Xensia servers
- 24/7 emergency pager contact

Payment plan 1 - 285 GBP per month and 1,000 GBP set-up
Payment plan 2 - 305 GBP per month and 750 GBP set-up
Payment plan 3 - 325 GBP per month and 500 GBP set-up

Choose from FreeBSD/OpenBSD/Redhat/Debian (others on request) installed to your specification and partitioning layout.

We can also build/install, configure and set-up additional open source apps at reasonable rates.

Remote serial console access can be provided for additional 35 GBP set-up per box.

1 IP per box, more with reasonable technical justification.

Servers will be located in our new facility at Interxion London, full spec professional data centre.

Transit connectivity is provided using Level(3) via PacketExchange, we have 100Mbit/s FD uplink into their network in Interxion.

Ping test to for example RTTs.

No VAT charged on these prices, payment by cheque drawn on a UK bank or via bank transfer, sorry but no credit cards for this offer.

Minimum 3 month contract term applies.

To discuss please drop me a line to paul.civati(at)xensia.com or you can call us on 0870 321 2855.

This is a limited offer and is open until March 12th.