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    [UK] Unmetered 10mbps server available

    Hi everyone,

    We at Sharkhost have managed to procure a series of UK-based gaming dedicated servers for resale from our wholesaler, 22host.

    Most of these have gone to our existing customer base however we now have one server surplus to requirements.

    This specification for this server is as follows:

    AMD XP 2500+
    1.5 GB DDR400 RAM
    Maxtor 120GB HDD, 7200 r.p.m., 8 MB cache.

    This is a proper rackmount server.

    The server is currently set up as a Windows 2000 server, as HLDS performs best under this OS, however the server can be re-imaged to Linux\FreeBSD for an additional lead time\setup cost.


    This machine is hosted on the 22host network which we are reselling (unlike some hosts we do not claim to have our own network when we actually are reselling it).

    The machine will be on a 10mbps unmetered port, under the condition it will be used for gaming servers only (a SMALL website is allowed and no more than 10 IRC bouncers\bots are allowed).

    The cost of this server is 105\mo with 35 next day setup (this rises to 50 when a re-image for FreeBSD\Linux is required)

    If you have any questions feel free to reply to this thread\PM me\contact me using the contact information on the website.
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    Can it be used as a file repository?

    Do you have a test download link?

    Got an IP I can trace?

    Can't you re-image to FBSD for free?

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    Hi seg fault,

    Thanks for your query. In answer to your questions:

    a) The bandwidth is gaming-only so unfortunately it could not be used as a file repository.

    b) All of the servers we have on that host are with the same bandwidth package so we couldn't actually host any files on there otherwise we'd be in breach of contract.

    c) Try for traces.

    d) Unfortunately not.

    Hope this helps.

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