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    need only suggestions

    I am in search for a host who can offer above

    1000mb webspace
    50gb bandwidth
    Unix with all other features...
    All this under under 9 dollars per month.

    I have also come to know about these host regional package

    Thanks for giving suggestions.

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    One of the best places to get a quote.

    Also, for your price range, I expect to see you back here within a couple months.
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    50GB of Bandwidth for under $9 is going to be hard to find. If you could raise your price limit up or lower your bandwidth needs I am sure more people could make suggestions:

    Also try here:
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    radv and douglas are right. One of the few companies that are somewhat close to your requirements and actually providing what they promise (according to their customers) is Lunarpages AFAIK.

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    Try Midphase...

    Or maybe hostrocket...
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    50GB of Bandwidth for under $9 is going to be hard to find.
    Actually it shouldn't be too hard to find. I believe there a lot of 10 yr olds offering it around here somehwere.

    Honestly though, that is quite a quest. I wish you luck in finding the right host for that amount, and I also wish you luck in advance for the next few times you're here looking for a new one.

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